ZhongDe Group is formed by energy-from-waste companies that design, invest in, construct and operate plants, which generate electricity through the disposal of solid municipal, industrial (including hazardous) and medical waste. Since 1996 ZhongDe Group has completed approximately 200 waste disposal projects all within Mainland China. ZhongDe Group with its parent company ZhongDe Waste Technology AG has been publicly listed since 2007 at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


ZhongDe is one of the best-known players in the field of energy-from-waste EPC and BOT projects and a manufacturer of mass burn units in China. As a general contractor of EPC projects, ZhongDe is responsible for the design, procurement, construction and installation of energy-from-waste plants applying different technologies, such as grate, fluidized bed, pyrolytic or rotary kiln. As an investor of BOT projects, ZhongDe also operates energy-from-waste plants.


The registered office of ZhongDe Waste Technology AG is located in Frankfurt, Germany and the operating headquarter is located in Beijing, China.