Datong project (EPC)

As ZhongDe’s first EPC project, the Datong project was finished on time and its quality is at a very high level. It went into operation and was connected with the power grid for the sale of electricity in November 2009. The maximum daily waste disposal capacity of Datong is 1,500 tons on the basis of 7,600 hours of equipment utilisation per year. The annual maximum treatment capacity is 360,000 tons. The real gross profit margin of Datong reached 26.6%. 




Zhoukou project (BOT, 500 t/day)

At the end of 2014, the percentage of completion of the Zhoukou project is 89.2% (2013: 88.9%). The project has entered into trial-run operation in 2013. Within the 2014 financial year the construction engineering for the main and subsidiary buildings have been fully completed. Boiler, steam generator unit and accessory equipment have been put into the normal operation. Finally the thermal equipment insulation and boiler soot blower technology transformation have been finished and the document for environmental acceptance has been reported.



Xianning project (BOT, 600 t/day)

At the end of 2014 the percentage of completion of the project in Xianning amounted to 95.1% (2013: 91.2%). Within the 2014 financial year the ending works for the civil construction have been completed. Steam generator unit have been put into the normal operation. Defect elimination and ending work for the whole factory have been completed. The Xianning project has entered into trial-run operation in 2014. 



Kunming project (BOT, 700 t/day)

At the end of 2014, the percentage of completion of the Kunming project is 82.1% (2013: 72.6%). With the 2014 financial year the cleaning of the boiling and its steamline were finished. The project has entered into trial-run operation and waste reception started in October of 2014. In the prior year management planned to finish the project within the 2015 financial year. Due to unexpected delays within the construction process, the plant cannot be finished in time. Accordingly, the completion of the construction of the plant was extended to financial year 2016.



Lanzhou project (BOT, 2,000 t/day)

In 2014 the material construction of the project in Lanzhou has started. At year end the project is completed by 18.1% (2013: 0.2%). Management plans to complete the Lanzhou project and enter into normal operation in 2018.



Datong project (EPC)

Zhoukou project (BOT)

Xianning project (BOT)

Kunming project (BOT)

Lanzhou project (BOT)