Research and development

ZhongDe has access to the most comprehensive incineration technologies in the solid waste treatment industry in China, including grate furnace incineration technology, circulating fluidised bed incineration technology, vertical double-loop pyrolysis incineration technology, rotary kiln incineration technology, etc.


ZhongDe successfully developed the first Chinese-medical-waste incinerator in China with technology innovation, achieving a new breakthrough in environmental protection industry. This new composite incineration technology filled in the blank in the field of domestic drug residue incineration technology. This not only greatly improved ZhongDe’s core competitiveness, but also strengthened ZhongDe’s leading position in waste-to-energy industry.


In 2010, ZhongDe and Tsinghua University jointly launched their postdoctoral research programmes of relative energy-from-waste technologies, which were awarded the title of the Natural Science Fund Project in Fujian Province in 2012.